Dark Resistance v7


Thinking About Joining?

Dark Resistance is interested in looking for people that are interested in playing games on a casual or competitive level. We offer a variety of activities that appeals to those that want to play games casually and competitive with groups of people. We have game practices that help your skill and understanding for the game that your playing to help you become a better player at the game that your playing. We also have clan activities where we get together and play games enjoying each others company playing. Lastly, we have inter clan competition where we compete against each other and competition against other clans for people that want to best their skills playing against other clans. Still interested? Come and visit our forums to join in on the fun.

Member Testimonials

"I love video games. While playing League of Legends in Sept. 2010, a real life friend suggested a clan she was in since I always played alone. I had never been in a clan before and didn't know what to expect. I played a few games and then just talked with some of the members. I have found friends and a great place to just relax and enjoy my free time. I recommend this clan to anyone looking for online community. If we do not have it, we always could make it happen."
-Lady Moon

Reasons To Join

Over 200 Active Members

We Have Our Own Tournament System

We Play The Same Games You Do

Our Members Are From All Over The World

We Use TeamSpeak To Communicate

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