Dark Resistance v7

Clan Policies

Command Structure
As a standing General Rule, everyone must respect and heed the words of a superior ranking officer.
Many members have put years into leading our troops, and as a result have attained high ranks. Many of whom have resigned active Commission in favor of letting newer inspired members continue the future of the clan.

That being said, even these high ranking members have someone they must answer to.

The Squad Leaders have absolute control of their Squadron, and report directly up the Chain of Command to their Platoon Leader and Company Commander. As a result, even those who hold a high ranking position in a Squad must listen directly to the commands the Squad Leader gives. This even applies to members who hold a Primary Command Position in one game, but play in another Squad for a Secondary game.

The only members who can promote, are those of Command. Command members are only allowed to promote members who report directly under them. For example, a Squad Leader can promote up to one rank below him up to the maximum rank of E10-Sergeant Major.

Any promotions past either of these two stipulations must come directly from the Platoon Leader or the Company Commander, under the Squad Leaders recommendation.

The Company Commander can promote up to O6-Colonel, or one rank below them, whichever is lower. The remainder must come direcly from the Division Commander or High Command.

Nobody shall be promoting people from other Squads or Divisions whatsoever. If you have a promotion suggestion, you can PM their Squad Leader or Platoon Leader. For the continued integrity of this clan, these rules must be abided by. Any questions or exceptions must be brought forth to a member of the High Command for review with an accurate response

Game Support
New Companies
  • In order for a new Company to be introduced into DR, it must first be approved by the High Command.
  • The Company must have 10 primary members to start.
  • Once supported, the High Command will descide on the Company Commander.

  • Existing Companies
  • Companies are required to hold a minimum of 10 primary members.
  • Companies who fall below the required 10 primary members have 1 month to increase there numbers.
  • Primary Members are based on Roll Calls.

  • Inactive Members
    The High Command holds the right to remove any inactive member from the clan at any time. This most likely occures if you have not logged into the forum for over 2 months. Any member who misses two Roll Calls will be moved into a inactive members group where they must reapply for membership.

    Teamspeak Courtesy
  • Keep music or other distracting sounds out of channel unless permitted by an Admin.
  • Guests are required to wear a guest tag when entering our teamspeak. Example: Guest_Member
  • If discussing matters of a specific Company, please move to the respected channel to avoid interuption.
  • If you're asked to switch to push-to-talk, please do so.

  • Admin Access
  • High Command members are given Server Admin.
  • Division Leaders are given Server Admin.
  • Company Commanders are given Channel Admin for the game they support.

  • Admin Rulings
  • Division Commanders who have Server Admin are not allowed to give other members Server Admin, or Channel Admin unless approved by the High Command
  • Admins should never create more then 1 account per member. The old account will be deleted.
  • Members may be moved by an Admin to another channel if they are being disruptive.

  • Steam Exception Policy
    Any recruit that submits an application and who was recruited directly from Steam and wants to join us to primarily play a Steam-based game, will ONLY be required to have and use Steam. Recruits can utilize Steams instant chat messaging as well as joining our Clan Steam group.

    If a member at the time is a primary Steam user and is enlisted under a Steam-Based Company and they transfer to another Company that is a non-Steam based game, then they ARE required to download xfire at such requested time in order to have communication with their new CC, PL, SL, and Company members. They will also be required to download xfire, and join our main xfire Clan group at the time of the transfer.

    Steam Clan Tags
    Everyone in Dark Resistance will wear (-DR-) in front of their name with no space between the tag and name. The only exception to the rule of having a space between the tag and name is HC. We do this for a reason. It does serve its purpose of putting us at the top of the list so members needing us have an easier time finding us.

    Update Policy
    The High Command holds the right to update any form of document such as the Code of Conduct and or Policies at any time. It is the sole duty of the member to keep up to date with recent changes and abide by those rules.

    Last Updated: 1/5/2012