Dark Resistance v7

Historical Archive

Prologue - Diplomacy

It all started in June, when the first attempts of uniting the clans had occurred. Dark Entity's Leader, Dan was attempting to make contact with The Resistances. He thought that uniting both clans that had broken away from Defenders of Sovereignty would indeed be a great thing.

It was only a matter of time until Dan had made contact with Asuka from The Resistance. Both met in private where they could discuss the idea of uniting both clans. After the conversation had occurred Asuka went and passed the information along to the members of The Resistances Inner Circle.

Time had passed and again both members came together to discuss the idea once more. Each of them had written down a proposal in order to make a negotiation with the other. Both sides came to a halt when it came down to the point of deciding on a name for the new clan. It seemed as though neither side would budge, a failed attempt at uniting. Could either side come to an agreement?

It was only a matter of time until Dan met with the leader of The Resistance, Boba Fett. Both men had been long time acquaintances with one another. The two of them sat down to once more discuss the union of these two clans.

Much was said during the meeting, and in the end both sides had agreed to continue on with the formation of Dark Resistance.

Chapter 1 - New Beginning

September rolled around and the plans for the union of the two clans were in its final stage. The Resistance had put together the hosting, while Dark Entity had bought the Dark Resistance domain. All was going to plan. Boba Fett was writing the speech that would inform both sides’ members of the decision that had been made.

The speech was in review, and it would only be a matter of days before the two clans became one. Much had been done in preparation, but it seemed like there was still much to do. Both sides had doubts of how many of their members would join this new clan, but it was something that had to be done despite the losses they may take.

The day came, September 22, 2007. Dark Resistance was open, and members where piling in like we could have never imagined. It was something of the new beginning we had hoped for.

Chapter 2 - Then Till Now